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Name Tags Revisited

Name Tags Revisited

You know from my previous posts that I'm a big fan of name tags for nurses, having seen how effective they can be. While doing some research on the internet I stumbled across a newsletter recently posted by a long term care facility that provides some objective evidence of the value of name tags. Here is what they had to say (the name has been removed for privacy reasons)...

"Recently a study was completed at --------- on the use of large print name badges. We were finding with the present badges that they were too busy and had unnecessary markings for an individual with cognitive impairments to have to sort through, information such as the logo, employee number, swipe barcode and the card’s expiry date. By flipping the name tag over and only using the employee’s first name in large print and their designation, enabled residents and family to connect personably.

"During the one month study it was found that residents were starting to notice the name badges and utilizing them by calling staff by their first name. Residents were also using the name badges to identify the name of the person giving care to them, allowing more personal care. As well, name tags must be worn at a level that all residents can see them, therefore at chest level. Staff should be wearing this new version on their name tags."


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