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One Person Can Make a Difference...

cookies for dementia

A few months ago we were contacted by Brynnley Jefferis, an eighth grade student in Pennsylvania. As a school project Brynnley chose to raise money for Alzheimer's and dementia patients in keeping memory of her grandfather who had recently died of the disease. This determined young woman raised money by baking and selling cookies - 103 DOZEN cookies! Rather than just donating the money, Brynnley wanted to do something more personal. She decided to provide materials that could help the dementia and Alzheimer's patients at two local dementia specific memory care facilities.

Brynnley making cookies for dementia

Brynnley used some of the money raised to buy material to make fidget blankets, and some to buy stuffed cats and dogs that could be used to comfort people with dementia, but she was looking for more. She approached us to see if we could help. Between us we put together a package of jigsaw puzzles for people with dementia, games and other activities for each of the facilities.

Because of the compassion and drive of this young woman, the residents in two memory care units are now enjoying the benefits of increased engagement. Hats off to Brynnley!


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