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CTRA Wrap Up - Donna's Take

We were off to Newfoundland last week where I presented a talk entitled "Understanding and Creating Montessori Activities for People with Dementia" at th e Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association's annual conference. It was a great opportunity to meet recreation professionals from across the country and discuss the issues that affect us all. We had our products on display for attendees to see first-hand and they were very well received.

Many of the Newfoundland representatives expressed an interest in organizing a "DementiAbility Methods: The Montessori Way" workshop in the province and we look forward to working with them to set one up. In the meantime, anyone interested in getting started sooner is welcome to attend our upcoming Halifax workshop.

I took the opportunity to extend my stay in Newfoundland and do some touring around the province. I passed by many long term care homes and hope to be able to visit them when I'm back in the province for the workshop. I would also like to thank the NLTRA (the organizers of the conference) for arranging for beautiful weather all weekend and for an iceburg to pass across the opening to St. John's harbour during our stay.


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