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Dementia activities that

Our age-appropriate puzzles and activities remove all impediments for older adults with Dementia and Alzheimer’s

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Match the Shapes Brain Game for Older Adults
Regular price $26.99

This brain game is the perfect way to keep minds sharp! Match the Shapes Brain Game for Older Adults is a fun challenge with 36 tiles and 4 corresponding templates. Seniors can take it on the go with its compact carrying bag, and feel the satisfaction of a job well done every time each set of shapes is completed. Includes a player manual and 2 Introductory Templates - it's sure to shape up the day!


Wonderful addition to our therapy program for the dementia unit. It allows them to play a game and have a good time without overwhelming them.

L.D. Hamilton, GA

The best customer service I have ever received. The company went above and beyond to ensure that I was satisfied with the product (which is beautiful).

R.N. Cheyenne, WY

Thank you. These are awesome and my father works these to keep his mind active.

K.S. Hanson, KY

I love these puzzles for my father. The color coding and organized planning from start to finish must help many to complete the puzzle.

D.K. Naples, FL

My activities aide said her patients enjoy them.

C.H. Fort Worth, TX

This puzzle is awesome, in addition to being beautiful, the packaging is great, making it easy to store and carry. I love the sequencing; the instructions are fantastic and my mom (who is in the mid to late stages of dementia) felt like such a champ she wanted to do it three times in a row the very first day! The bags for the pieces also give us a chance to “clean up” together.

S.S. Winter Haven, FL

Exactly what was needed to keep 90 yr old busy

M.P. South Pasadena, CA

Thank you. These are awesome and my father works these to keep his mind active.

K.S. Hansons, KY

Product, price, packaging good. Fast shipment. Excellent seller service. These will be great to use in the activity department of the healthcare facility where I work. 5 stars.

W.S. Meridian, MS

The puzzle is beautiful and the modifications to the puzzle (e.g., color coded piece sets) made a huge difference in my mother's ability to successfully complete the puzzle. This is the first puzzle she's been able to do on her own in a while--Thank you so much!

W.L. Cottage Grove, WI

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