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Blowout Sale!! Buy 2 (Any Activity) Get 2 (Jigsaw Puzzles - Some excluded) Discount - JMPX9DA63GBM

Blowout Sale!! Buy 2 (Any Activity) Get 2 (Jigsaw Puzzles - Some excluded) Discount - JMPX9DA63GBM

Easy Sudoku Game for Alzheimer's Patients
Senior playing Easy Sudoku Game for Dementia Patients
Easy Sudoku Wood Texture offers Sensory Stimulation for Alzheimer's Patients
Woven Drawstring Bag is slim & compact for easy storage
Elderly Senior playing Easy Sudoku Game for Alzheimer's Patients
Elderly Senior Playing Easy Sudoku Game for Dementia Patients
How to Play Easy Sudoku Game for Alzheimer's Patients
Easy Sudoku Game Adaptable for Different Abilities

Easy Sudoku Game

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Delight in the challenge of our Easy Wooden Sudoku Game! Seniors will love the satisfaction of fitting each number into its proper space on this durable and reusable board. The woven storage bag, 12 number pieces, and 24 Number Templates make it a perfect fit for your home or care facility, and a great way to sharpen cognitive skills. Try it today!


  • The Details

    Play this simplified yet highly engaging sudoku exercise, designed for people with Alzheimer’s, memory loss, dementia, and stroke patients. Help them flex their brain muscles while enjoying their favorite pastimes without too much struggle or confusion with our elderly activity that only includes numbers 1-4.  

    Spend quality time with your senior family members with this wooden dementia product sudoku game. Our Alzheimer's activity will help your mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa feel a sense of accomplishment as they complete our simplified sudoku challenge.

    Convenient Size 

    Our convenient board is large enough for easy play yet streamlined for easy storage. The chunky pieces fit perfectly in adult hands, helping to restore fine motor skills following a stroke or dementia.  

    Woven Storage Bag 

    Slip the board, the number pieces, and the square cards into the woven storage bag designed to keep these durable pieces safe and ready for play.

  • How to Use

    3 Challenge Levels 

    Our versatile dementia activities for seniors are adaptable to provide a satisfying challenge for a variety of different abilities: 

    • Start at the introductory level by placing the cards correctly on the board  
    • Progress to the intermediate stage and put one missing piece on each template 
    • Finally, try the advanced board with two missing pieces

Customer Reviews

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Great Quality Game

Very nice game. Sealed and packaged well. I believe we will receive a lot of enjoyment from this game.

Simplified Sudoku for Seniors

We help stroke patients, those suffering from memory loss, and older people with Alzheimer’s enjoy their favorite pastimes in a simplified format. Our sudoku puzzles are engaging and easier to navigate, with just four numbers needed to complete the sudoku board.

Simplified Sudoku for Seniors




Easy to Hold Number Pieces

Easy to Hold Number Pieces

Our 1.75x1.75” puzzle pieces are designed for adult hands and facilitate independent playing for dementia patients. The prime quality wooden pieces add a sensory element, making this elderly activity comforting to play with smoothed sides.