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Simple Crossword Puzzle - Dementia Activity for Seniors

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Revitalize your loved one's mental wellbeing with our Simple Crossword Puzzle - Dementia Activity for Seniors! Our set includes a black dry-erase marker, 6 wipe-clean puzzle boards and corresponding clue guides and word lists to keep their mind active and engaged. Give your aging family member a way to exercise their mental capacities in a fun and stimulating way!

  • The Details

    Seeking a simple yet engaging mental exercise for someone with Alzheimer's or dementia? Our crossword is the perfect cognitive activity to help them flex their brain muscles without overwhelming or confusing them.  

    Spend some quality time with your parents or grandparents living with memory loss with this Alzheimer's activity that helps them remember simple words. Our dementia activities for seniors are the perfect gift.

  • Highlights

    A Fun Challenge 

    Completing these puzzles will give the player a sense of accomplishment as they work through the challenges and discover the correct answers. Traditional crosswords may be too difficult for them to engage in, but our easier version makes these much-loved pastimes accessible. 

    Simple Design 

    By including no words longer than 5 letters long and an answer sheet in case things get a little tricky, our design empowers stroke patients to complete activities independently. Each section is categorized clearly and color-coded with bright borders. 

    Reusable Boards 

    Our elderly activity crossword set includes 6 different wipe-clean activity boards and a black dry-erase marker pen. Get started as soon as your package arrives, and enjoy endless fun with our reusable activity boards.

Crossword Puzzles

Crossword Puzzles

Have endless fun with our set of 6 reusable crossword sheets. Once completed, simply wipe it clean and try it again another day. Kids can spend quality time playing with grandma or grandpa, bonding while completing a fun crossword puzzle together.




Dementia Puzzles Designed for Older Minds

Dementia Puzzles Designed for Older Minds

Dementia activities for seniors allow older people to engage in the pastimes they love with all the complexities removed. All the answers are provided on a word list that you can use or ignore depending on how much help they need to complete it.