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Match the Photos with Fun Facts Discussion Guide

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With 18 photo cards featuring vibrant images, 3 laminated templates, and a discussion guide to ensure an engaging conversation, Match the Photos ignites lively discussions and ensures a fun, interactive experience for seniors with Dementia and Alzheimer's.

  • The Details

    Seeking a simple yet engaging mental exercise for someone with Alzheimer's or dementia? Our photo-matching game is the perfect cognitive activity. It supports stroke patients through activities that help them flex their brain muscles without overwhelming or confusing them.  

    Spend quality time with your family members living with memory loss with this dementia product and Alzheimer's activity. Use it to categorize words and remember names of common plants, animals, and holidays, opening a fun discussion.

  • Highlights

    Adaptable Activitie

    Adjust the details of each elderly activity to make it suitable for people with different abilities. Match the photos, complete the categorization, or dive deep into the discussion questions in the accompanying booklet. Learn together through educational prompts. 

    Quality Time 

    Dementia activities for seniors make great gifts, as you can spend time together as they learn through conversation. Bond with your mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa while playing our simple matching games and challenges. 


    Play this game time and time again and watch their sense of achievement grow as they learn the words and examples. You could even level up the activities by including physical examples of the objects referenced, adding a sensory element of discovery.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
From young to old

I bought this for my 92 year old mom who has dementia. She loves the beautiful pictures. She can match the pictures. It is great to keep her mind busy. Could also be for very young children, great purchase.

Pamela Sheedy
Great idea for Alzheimer’s or Dementia patients

We use this game with my 81 year old mother who has dementia.

Great activity

I only wish they had more variety

Great quality and colors

My husband has dementia, stage 6, and can match the pictures of birds. The color and quality is great. Other residents in nursing home use it and it works well.

Susan Kerkhof
Matching birds

Great for my dad who has Dementia

Match the Photos

Match the Photos

Designed for stroke patients, those suffering from memory loss, and older people with Alzheimer’s, our activities are engaging. These age-appropriate matching puzzles will get elderly people learning and re-discovering without being boring or childish.




Engaging Topics & Design

Engaging Topics & Design

Our vibrantly colored dementia product packs include laminated cards with discussion prompts and an interesting conversation guide booklet. Get talking and reminiscing with this Alzheimer's activity as a prompt to help seniors work through the struggles of memory loss.