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The Beachfront - 35 Piece Sequenced Jigsaw Puzzle for Older Adults with Dementia

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This 35-piece puzzle with large pieces features a colored dot at the back, correlating to a template guide for ease of assembly. It includes 1 photograph, 3 guides, and 6 sorting bags for pieces.
  • The Details

    The Keeping Busy sequenced jigsaw offers a unique way to allow puzzle lovers to continue to enjoy a favorite pastime while both exercising their cognitive abilities and encouraging social interaction and conversation.

    • Unique color sequencing guidance helps people with dementia who find puzzles too challenging to complete the puzzle successfully.
    • Allows the person to regain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from completing the puzzle.
    • Package includes the color-coded puzzle, a picture of the completed image, and detailed instructions, all in a durable box.

    The packaging does not include any mention of dementia or Alzheimer’s so that you can give to an elderly loved one with confidence.

  • How to Use
    • Start by offering the pieces from only one bag at a time. If the player finds this too easy, increase the challenge by offering the pieces from more than one bag. With a little guidance, a person with dementia or Alzheimer's can complete the puzzle on their own leading to a sense of pride and accomplishment.
    • Most people start a puzzle by completing the border first, and that's how we do it. Starting with the first bag, the player can work on the top border.
    • Once that is complete, the pieces in each of the next three bags are used (one at a time) to complete the rest of the border.
    • The pieces in the last two bags are used to finish the puzzle.
    • Once completed, the final step is for the player to take the puzzle apart and sort the pieces back into the color-coded bags.

Customer Reviews

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Entertaining for my mom!

This is an entertaining activity for my mom and her caregiver. I love all the different tools for assistance. The instructions are great and they explain how to make the puzzle easier/ more challenging. The pieces are also nice and thick and easy to hold. The bright colors help, too as my mom has trouble seeing as well as dementia. Love it. Great product. Thank you!

David K
Much More Than Just A Puzzle

This product is really an adaptable activity kit for older adults with dementia, or others with decreased cognitive ability, with the central challenge focused on assembling a puzzle. There are three different methods for assembling the puzzle assisted by the the well-designed kit components, each with a higher or lower degree of difficulty that you can adapt to the cognitive abilities of your loved one. Fortunately, as the nature of dementia is progressive you can continue to adapt the activity method to the easier methods to keep your loved one engaged at an appropriate level over a longer span of their inevitable decline. The kit components are laminated and sturdy, the box is extra thick, and the entire kit speaks quality and attention to detail. Very impressed, and highly recommended!

Maryanne M.
Large pieces. Easy to put together. Wonderful colors.

A great easy puzzle for young children to do with their parents or for an older adult suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. The scene is beautiful and the pieces are thick cardboard.

More than just a puzzle. Quality time with games and challenges

My father suffers from dementia so we got this puzzle for some afternoon fun. Turns out there are many ways to work this puzzle, create conversations, and test cognitive function. The included booklet coaches conversation and many ways to work this puzzle, from easy to more difficult. We can revisit it again in the future.

Sun WakerSun Waker
Beautiful puzzle, many thoughtful, well designed ways to use it

Let me tell you, when reviewing products there are so many garbagey or mediocre items you see. I saw this puzzle a few times and considered reviewing it because I work with the elderly and it seemed useful for them, but took my slow time about it because somehow I imagined it would be flimsy and overpriced.The Keeping Busy puzzle is NOTHING like that! Starting with an intelligible brand name and logo, the box is beautiful - sturdy and glossy. The puzzle itself is the same - plus it has a reverse side that can be played with by matching the color dots, or just the outline.In other words, when I opened the package, I thought - wow! This would make a beautiful gift!But the kicker is how much thought and care went into designing the puzzle. As a psychologist, I really appreciate that the pieces are large and well constructed and the glossy finish is easy to wipe down. But the various ways to play are genius! It makes it so the puzzle can be used by Oder adults at various levels of cognitive abilities or cognitive decline. If the image is too busy, flip it over and use just the white side and the lines. If that’s too challenging, match the colored dots. There are included glossy guide sheets for all of the different versions of play.Besides, the instruction sheet is very useful and spells out the different ways to use it, gives ideas about discussion questions to make the activity more enriching and interactive, and is glossy/easy to wipe too! Great in a situation where someone has lost some motor control and might spill something on it or in group home settings where multiple people might be using it - you can even wipe everything that’s included with antiviral wipes.The color coded bags are also great for play and storage. Overall a lovely surprise. Having seen what it is, I think the price of $20-25 if very fair. For inclusion purposes I wouldn’t want to see it go higher than that.I am very impressed with this company and appreciate the various puzzle backgrounds they started offering - you can match them to an elderly person’s interests, or have multiples to keep them interested.I am checking out their other products and already found a word game for seniors I will be purchasing from them too. I highly recommend their puzzles.By the way they would be perfect for a “Montessori for Dementia” setting as well.

The Beachfront Jigsaw Puzzle

Our Beachfront picture puzzle was designed to be age-appropriate for elderly people living with memory-related conditions. Every game includes 35 large pieces to encourage engagement and gently exercise the mind.

The Beachfront Jigsaw Puzzle