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WaterDoodle Grab & Go

WaterDoodle is magical. It's a fantastic, creative art activity that allows people with dementia and Alzheimer's to doodle away with no mess or fuss using our special DoodleBrush and WaterDoodle paper. Start with one of the doodle art pages, the drawing or a blank slate. The choice is theirs.For even more variety, add a second or third image set at a special price!

Don't just uncover the art, create it!

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Studies show that doodling frees up and relaxes the mind, providing a calming effect. It is a very accessible creative outlet that doesn't require special skills or talent. WaterDoodle allows almost anyone with dementia or Alzheimer's to engage in a creative activity and experience the benefits. Simply fill the DoodleBrush with water and start painting away. As the water dries the created image fades, leaving the WaterDoodle ready to be "painted" again. Only water is used so no cleanup is necessary.

The WaterDoodle Grab & Go package includes three WaterDoodle sheets that are pre-printed with a pattern that gives the person a starting point for their doodling creativity. Also included is an image that can be "painted" and enhanced, as well as a blank WaterDoodle sheet for the truly creative. There are also completed samples provided to help give some ideas of what can be done. Choose your favorite!

With WaterDoodle, you don't have to be an art therapist to help someone with dementia or Alzheimer's be creative.

Package Includes: 3 WaterDoodle doodling sheets (4 3/8" square), 1 WaterDoodle image (5 1/8" x 6 1/2"), 1 blank WaterDoodle sheet (5 1/8" x 6 1/2"), laminated samples of each completed image and doodle, 2 WaterDoodle sheet holders, 1 DoodleBrush and full instructions conveniently packaged in a plastic envelope.

Suitable For: A great activity for almost anyone with dementia or Alzheimer's.

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