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Pink Tower

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There is something very appealing about building the Pink Tower. Setting one cube on top of the previous and watching as the tower teeters its way upwards as each cube is placed is challenging and fun.

The Pink Tower is one of the classic Montessori activities. It can be used both one-on-one with a person and in small groups.

It is a fun way to provide cognitive challenges as well as exercise visual perception and fine motor control. It's always one of the favourites when we work with people with dementia and Alzheimer's.

  • Cognitive challenge
  • Helps with dexterity and fine motor skills
  • Familiar building blocks
  • Templates for guidance
  • Creative outlet
  • Full instructions

The Pink Tower cubes are used to differentiate size. Because each cube is the same size in each dimension, orientation is not an issue. Using the supplied templates, the person with dementia learns to sort the cubes by size and recognize which cube is bigger or smaller.

Once they are familiar with the cubes, the real fun begins! Stacking them one on top of the other to make the Pink Tower, making their own shapes or just manipulating the blocks are all great cognitive exercises and provide dexterity challenges.

This smaller sized Pink Tower is easier to handle for people with dementia.

Suitable For:

A great activity for almost anyone with dementia or Alzheimer's who has the dexterity to handle the blocks, especially people who enjoy putting things in order.

Package Includes:
  • 10 pink cubes varying in size from .7cm to 7cm (about 1/4" to 2 3/4")
  • Laminated templates for guidance
  • Full instructions

This product is proudly assembled and packaged by the people of The Ark, a community organization dedicated to providing services for persons with special challenges.

Explore the Sizes Using the Templates...
The cards help the person with dementia match the sizes

The Pink Tower cubes are used to differentiate size. Because each cube is the same size in each dimension, orientation is not an issue. Using the supplied cards, the person with dementia or Alzheimer's can explore the different sizes by matching the cubes to their corresponding template.

Sort the Cubes in Size Order...
Use the cards to sort the cubes by size

Once the person is familiar with the concept of the different sizes, the cards can be used to sort the cubes by size. The instructions describe how to encourage the person to do this and be successful at it.

Make a "Pink Tower" on the Template...
Use the template to make a tower on its side

The concept of stacking the cubes in size order is introduced by using the template to "stack" the cubes.

Stack the Cubes Vertically...
Start stacking the cubes vertically

Next is stacking the cubes vertically...

And Make a Pink Tower...
Use all the cubes to build the pink tower

And building the Pink Tower!

Explore Other Shapes Using the Templates....
Explore different shapes using the other templates

The other templates can be used to explore other shapes and ideas.

Or Make Your Own Fun Shapes!
Be creative to make your own shapes

And of course the person can get creative and have fun stacking the cubes in any way they like,

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