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Match the Suits

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Almost everyone is familiar with common playing cards and we build on that familiarity to help stimulate cognitive ability for people with dementia or Alzheimer's. The activity includes two differently colored decks of jumbo index (large print) playing cards that are easy to read, along with a set of colored templates.

  • Familiar materials
  • Cognitive challenge
  • Helps with dexterity
  • Templates guide person to success
  • Can be used individually or with 2 to 6 players
  • Full instructions

The person is first introduced to the activity by using the templates in a variety of sorting and matching activities. For some people with dementia, that’s as much as is needed. For others who are higher functioning, it is a way to help the person get reacquainted with the cards, suits and colors. From there they can move on to several games that are described in the instructions that can be played to add even more interest and challenge.

Suitable For:

Great activity for almost anyone with dementia or Alzheimer's.

Package Includes:
  • Two decks of jumbo index (large print) playing cards
  • Laminated templates for guidance
  • Full instructions

This product is proudly assembled and packaged by the people of The Ark, a community organization dedicated to providing services for persons with special challenges.

Templates help the person become familiarized...
Templates guide the person with dementia to success

The templates are used to help the person with dementia or Alzheimer's get familiar (or reacquainted) with the cards, colors and suits.

Match the backs of the cards...
Match the backs of the cards to the templates

Start simple by matching the backs of the cards to the corresponding templates.

Then match by color...
Add a little challenge by matching the colors

Add a little bit more challenge by introducing the colors of the suits.

And finally by suit...
Match two suits, one red and one black

Once the person is comfortable with the colors, it's time to move on the suits. Start with only two suits, one black and one red.

For more challenge, add more suits...
Build up to matching all four suits against the templates

Add more challenge by introducing the third suit, and finally the fourth.

Sort by card value...
Re-introduce the concept of the cards values

Reacquaint the person with the concept of the cards' values by sorting from ace to king.

And play simple games...
Play simple card games

Finally, if the person is comfortable with the activities to this point, it's time to play some of the games described in the instructions!

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