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Exciting New Creative Products...

Participation in creative activities has been shown to be highly beneficial to people with dementia or Alzheimer's. It can be difficult to find creative activities that are easy to present, and achievable by almost anyone. We've developed two new creative activities that do just that.


Studies show that doodling has a calming effect, freeing up and relaxing the mind. There is no pressure to stay within the lines, or come up with a particular end result. There is no good or bad doodling. Our exciting new WaterDoodle activity lets the person doodle away with ease.

Using our DoodleBrush and WaterDoodle paper, anyone can exercise their creativity with no mess or cleanup. Simply fill the barrel of the brush with water and doodle away. The package includes everything needed for a fun and creative activity. Two versions are available - individual WaterDoodle Grab & Go and the WaterDoodle Small Group edition.


Move the pieces close to each other and SNAP, the magnets pull them together. Create freeform shapes, or follow the instructions and use the laminated templates to progressColorConnect through a variety of fun shapes. Discover interesting characteristics of each shape, and how to turn one into another. The colorful, plastic pyramids offer all kinds of fun ways to get creative.

This three dimensional activity provides a bridge between concrete and abstract thinking, allowing the creativity to flow. Available in an eight piece individual Grab & Go package or as a 24 piece small group activity.

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