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Fun with Dice

"Add 'Em Up Dice", "Match 'Em Up Dice" and "Poker Hand Dice" - they seems simple, but in addition to the dexterity required to roll and handle the dice, these fun and challenging games for people with dementia or Alzheimer's are a great cognitive exercise. Three different games offer varying levels of challenge and engagement, but remove competition and don't require strategy. Played individually or in small groups, these games offer a fun and easy way to quickly offer an engaging activity.

  • Cognitive challenge
  • Helps with dexterity
  • Familiar
  • Triggers pleasant memories
  • Full instructions
Add 'Em Up Dice

Each player rolls a pair of dice, then uses the numbers shown either individually or by adding them together to decide which of the numbers to cross off the list. Roll a six and three, decide whether to cross off the six and three or just the nine. This offers the cognitive challenge of adding the numbers together, as well as using reasoning to decide which to cross off the list. The game can be played in an easier format by using only one die and the numbers one through six.

Match 'Em Up Dice

In this game, the person selects two numbers and then rolls the dice trying to match the numbers chosen. Each time there is a match the die is removed, and the roll recorded on the scorecard. The game continues until all the dice are removed. See how few rolls you can do it in!

Poker Hand Dice

Poker Hand Dice is a little more challenging. The object is to use the five dice to make the best poker hand possible, in as few rolls as possible. The instructions describe how to do this and the scorecard helps you keep track of each "hand".

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Suitable For:

This is a great activity for people at earlier stages of dementia or Alzheimer's who have the dexterity to handle the dice. It can be played individually or in groups.

The package includes everything you need for all three games.

Package Includes:
  • Package of 5 dice
  • Laminated score card
  • Laminated number card
  • Laminated examples card
  • Wet erase marker
  • Full instructions

This product is proudly assembled and packaged by the people of The Ark, a community organization dedicated to providing services for persons with special challenges.

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