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Expressions Game

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"Ready, set, _ _", "Hip, hip, _ _ _ _ _ _", "Don't sit under the _ _ _ _ _ tree", we've heard and used these expressions all our lives. Because the reaction to the clue is almost automatic, this activity for people with dementia and Alzheimer's will surprise you by the responses it draws out from the most unexpected people. The cue cards and answer cards offer a variety of games and activities that are fun and rewarding.

  • Cognitive challenge
  • Can be played by almost anyone
  • Reaction to the expressions is almost automatic
  • Often the participants are surprised they know the answer
  • Full instructions

The game includes a set of 48 cue cards each with an expression missing one word along with the answer cards. The cards are grouped by type of expression - either two words with the third missing ("Hip, hip, _ _ _ _ _ _") or an expression missing a word ("Don't sit under the _ _ _ _ _ tree"). Each group of expressions is further divided into sets so that the smaller sets can be used with individuals while the larger sets (or complete pack) can be used for group activities.

Suitable For:

Great for almost anyone with dementia or Alzheimer's individually or in small groups.

Package Includes:
  • 48 laminated Expressions Cue Cards
  • 48 laminated Expressions Answer Cards
  • Full instructions

This product is proudly assembled and packaged by the people of The Ark, a community organization dedicated to providing services for persons with special challenges.

Color Coded for Ease of Use...
Color-coded cards offer different levels of challenge

There are four sets of cards and answers. The yellow and green cards each have a 3 word expression that is missing the last word such as "calm, cool and _______". The white and blue cards have a common phrase that is missing one word which is a little more challenging. This allows you to mix and match the cards to vary the level of difficulty. There is so much that you can do with this activity.

Start Simple...
Start with the simple cards to help the person with dementia

Start by simply reading one of the green expressions - the person will likely respond automatically. Increase the challenge a little by having the person read the expression themselves. Use the cards from the white or blue deck to make it even more challenging.

Add Complexity...
Add challenge by using multiple expressions and answers

Put three expression cards on the table, along with the corresponding answer cards. Have the person read one of the expressions and find the matching answer. Increase the challenge by using more than three cards, or using cards from the white or blue deck. You can even put out some expressions without the answer cards to make it even more challenging.

Play Games with Two to Four Players...
Play Expressions games with two to four participants

Give each participant three answer cards, placed face up in front of them. Have the first player pick an expression from the deck and read it out loud. Everyone can call out the answer and if anyone has the answer card, they turn it over. The game continues until all the answer cards are turned over (remember, we do not encourage games that have winners and losers). Add more challenge by using more cards or cards from different decks.

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