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Engaging Products for Dementia and Alzheimer's

Studies show that by engaging people with dementia in meaningful activity, boredom is reduced, and quality of life improves. Our products are designed to help you do just that. All of our products are high quality and designed specifically for people with dementia. They are not childish and are respectful of the person.

Our products

use familiar materials

offer cueing and other assistive techniques to enable success

are “error-free” with no right or wrong answer, no winners or losers.

We use all of our products in our work in facilities with residents and in our training workshops for facility staff. They are tested with people at various stages of dementia to ensure that they are appropriate, and that they are enjoyed. They are in use in thousands of homes and care facilities across North America and beyond. We stand behind everything that we sell and are always here to answer your questions and offer any assistance necessary. In fact, there is nothing we like better than to talk to people about dementia care.

Montessori activities
We Don't Just Sell Dementia Products - We Design, Create and Use Them
Everything needed for a successful activity...

Our products includes everything that you need for the activity. The included instructions detail how to present the activity, how to adjust the level of difficulty up or down based the person’s response and how to ensure that the person feels a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when doing the activity.

Familiar materials...

Our activities are developed around familiar, common items. People with dementia (and most people in general) are more comfortable around familiar items and will often have an automatic, pleasurable response. The more familiar the materials are to the person, the more they will "connect" with the items and the more opportunity there is for reminiscing and having a successful and meaningful activity.

Modified for success...

The challenge is that many people with dementia are no longer able to do the things that they used to do, such as playing complex card games, doing a jigsaw puzzle or playing a board game. They may say that they're not interested because they have struggled with the activity in the past. Our activities are designed to overcome this. By using simpler materials, color coding, "cueing" and other guidance techniques, our activities are designed to enable you to setup the materials in a way that works for the person at that time, avoiding frustration and allowing the person to complete them successfully on their own or with little help.


If the person doesn't enjoy the activity, they likely won't want to do it again. Our activities are designed to be fun to do with no pressure on getting the right answer or being the winner. The emphasis is on enjoying the activity rather than focusing on a particular outcome.

This product has been thoughtfully designed and built and is a wonderful tool to keep Alzheimer's patients cognitively active.

S. T., Vancouver BC

The puzzle is beautiful and the modifications to the puzzle (e.g., color coded piece sets) made a huge difference in my mother's ability to successfully complete the puzzle. This is the first puzzle she's been able to do on her own in a while--Thank you so much!

W. L., Cottage Grove WI

This is a fabulous activity for dementia patients. It's easy enough and holds interest longer than other things

E. H., Hauppauge NY