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Cognitive Words Module

Word puzzles are a popular pastime and they are an ideal program for people with Alzheimer's or dementia. Our word puzzles are designed to allow a person with dementia to continue to enjoy and benefit from them even if they seem to have lost interest in "regular" puzzles. They are not childish, but some of the complexity that can cause confusion for someone with dementia has been removed. Large print, smaller grids, guidance and cueing all help the person be successful.

  • Simplified versions of familiar word puzzles
  • Designed to ensure success and restore confidence to enjoy pleasurable pastime
  • Varying levels of difficulty to match the person's abilities
  • Templates and cueing help guide the person to success
  • Includes "Implementation Guide"
Word Search - Small Group Edition

Many people enjoying word search puzzles but as a person with dementia or Alzheimer’s abilities decline they can become frustrated and may even lose interest in doing them.

Our word searches are designed to remove that frustration. They use large print, a smaller grid size and simpler words. There are no backwards or diagonal words - words run only up to down, or left to right. With three levels of difficulty, they can be matched to the person's abilities. This Small Group Edition includes eight puzzles at each of the three levels, each in their own sleeve along with four wet erase markers. A fun and challenging program that doesn't need a lot of supervision.

Crossword Value Pak

Our unique Sequenced Crossword Puzzles are a great way to enable someone with dementia or Alzheimer's to continue to enjoy a favorite pastime. The puzzles use a smaller 9 x 9 grid with word lengths limited to 3, 4 and 5 characters. In addition to providing the usual list of across and down clues, our Sequenced Crossword Puzzle offers several different guides and cueing devices to help the person be successful no matter what their skills and abilities. This Value Pak includes two complete reusable puzzles as well as an extra-large grid for group programs.


"Ready, set, _ _", "Hip, hip, _ _ _ _ _ _", "Don't sit under the _ _ _ _ _ tree", we've heard and used these expressions all our lives. Because the reaction to the clue is almost automatic, this activity for people with dementia and Alzheimer's will surprise you by the responses it draws out from the most unexpected people. The cue cards and answer cards offer a variety of games and activities that are fun and rewarding.

Rhyming Expressions

“Rhyming Expressions” is a fun activity that's a little more challenging. Each laminated cue card has three expressions, each with a choice of three answers. Use the included wet erase marker to circle the answer that not only is correct, but also rhymes with the other answers on the card. Lots of fun talking about some of the funny answers and telling stories that the phrases draw out.

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