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Creative with Shapes Module

These creative activities provide a bridge between concrete and abstract thinking for dementia and Alzheimer patients. Manipulating the pieces helps with dexterity and fine motor skills, placing the pieces on the templates offers cognitive benefits and creating masterpieces let the creative juices flow.

  • Can be used individually or in small group
  • Explore and create variety of shapes and patterns
  • Helps with range of motion and pattern recognition
  • Outlet to express creativity
  • Includes "Implementation Guide"
ColorConnect Value Pak

Using the colorful, magnetic pieces, this three dimensional activity provides a bridge between concrete and abstract thinking, allowing the creativity to flow. The pieces snap together as the magnets align, letting the person with dementia or Alzheimer's create a variety of fun and colorful shapes.

The instructions describe how to make a variety of shapes, starting with simply snapping two blocks together and moving through progressively more advanced shapes. The laminated templates help the person orient the pieces, and the outline sheet helps them discover some fun features of the shapes they create.

Mystery Bag

People with dementia or Alzheimer's love the feel of these smooth wooden shapes. That natural interest leads to a variety of activities that challenge the senses with this classic Montessori activity.

The Mystery Bag consists of ten pairs of wooden shapes including cubes, rectangular cubes, prisms, spheres and egg shapes in a cloth bag. The experience of looking at a piece, interpreting it and then finding its match is very different than simply seeing the object. This activity provides a connection between the two. It stimulates the sense of touch by eliminating distractions and helps with cognitive function through the matching process.

Blue Triangles

The Blue Triangles are much like a jigsaw puzzle but without the same constraints. They encourage creativity while exercising cognitive ability. The set includes twelve identical flat triangles in a wooden box and is one of the classic Montessori activities.

Initially the templates are used to guide the person to create specific shapes which can be as simple as a rectangle, or more complex shapes such as a wheels or stars. Once the person is familiar with the triangles and how they create different forms depending on how they are placed, they can create their own shapes. People love the challenge and then satisfaction of determining that by turning one triangle around, for example, a funny shape can be turned into a nice, neat rectangle.

Blue Triangles Additional Templates

A set of four additional laminated templates to add more variety to the Blue Triangles program.

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