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Cognitive Puzzles Module

Puzzles are one of the most popular activities for people Alzheimer's and dementia. They are familiar to most people, and when designed and presented properly, they allow the person to be successful and feel a sense of accomplishment.

  • Color-coded sequencing and templates to ensure success
  • Challenge can be increased or decreased as necessary
  • Manipulating pieces offers range of motion and hand-eye coordination benefits
  • Fun, stimulating problem solving
  • Includes "Implementation Guide"

This Chinese puzzle has been challenging and entertaining people of all ages for centuries. By combining the puzzle with our full size laminated templates, the Tangram is great, but achievable cognitive exercise for people with dementia or Alzheimer's. One side of each template shows the outline of each piece to help the person form the shape. The other side shows only the overall outline of the shape, without the detail of each piece. By following the instructions and using the included wet erase marker, you can increase the challenge to match the person's abilities.

Tangram Add-On Templates

This package of four laminated templates is used to add variety to the Tangram Puzzle.

35 Piece Sequenced Jigsaw Puzzle

Using our unique color sequencing, even people with dementia or Alzheimer's who find puzzles too challenging can usually complete these puzzles successfully. The puzzle pieces come pre-sorted into groups according to their placement on the puzzle – top, side, bottom, etc. Each group of pieces is presented to the person individually. By using the colored clues on the tray that corresponds to a colored dot on the back of each piece and following the sequence of steps in the instructions, the person is guided to successfully place the pieces without help. Because the person is generally able to select and place the pieces on their own, they have a great feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment (often accompanied by a big smile).

60 Piece Sequenced Jigsaw Puzzle

The 60 Piece Sequenced Puzzle offers a little more challenge that our 35 piece puzzles. While using the same color coded sequencing, instead of a tray, the puzzle is divided into four sections with a corresponding color coded template for each section. A different group of residents can work on each section independently, or the puzzle can be completed by one person.

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