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Creative with Color Module

Studies show that people with dementia or Alzheimer's involved in creative art programs become calmer and more social than those not involved. The materials in this module offer achievable creative opportunities. "Match the Chips" and "Match the Pins" appeal to the senses with stimulating colors. The materials can be manipulated to create images, patterns and shapes. "WaterDoodle" and the "Coloring Puzzle" include templates to help the person create their own artwork.

  • Appeal to senses with stimulating colors
  • Can be manipulated to create patterns and shapes
  • Include templates making it easy to create artwork
  • Outlet to express creativity
  • Includes "Implementation Guide"
Match the Pins

Using the brightly colored, durable plastic full-size clothespins and the set of laminated colour templates, Match the Pins offers people with dementia or Alzheimer's fun and rewarding activities that provide cognitive challenge, help with fine motor strength and offer an opportunity to be creative.

Match the Chips

Match the Chips takes advantage of most people's familiarity with poker chips. Put the colorful chips down in front of the person with Alzheimer's or dementia and often they will pick them up, arrange them and even start sorting them on their own. Use the included color templates and add even more fun and challenge to the activity. With nine different colors their is plenty of opportunity to get creative.

WaterDoodle - Small Group Edition

Studies show that doodling frees up and relaxes the mind, providing a calming effect. It is a very accessible creative outlet that doesn't require special skills or talent. WaterDoodle allows almost anyone with dementia or Alzheimer's to engage in a creative activity and experience the benefits. Simply fill the DoodleBrush with water and start painting away. As the water dries the created image fades, leaving the WaterDoodle ready to be "painted" again. Only water is used so no cleanup is necessary. This Small Group Edition includes three WaterDoodle image sets and four DoodleBrushes making it an ideal small group program that requires little supervision.

24 Piece Adult Coloring Puzzle

These dementia puzzles combine the cognitive challenge of completing the puzzle with the creative benefits of coloring them when finished. Putting the puzzle together is only part of the fun! Once complete, the person can get creative and color the puzzle as they see fit. Not only do they get the sense of accomplishment from completing the puzzle, they also get a sense of pride in seeing their creation come to life.

These puzzles use our unique color sequencing to guide the person to success. Also included is a coloring sheet for the puzzle that can be copied and used as a coloring activity along with the puzzle.

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