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Cognitive Bingo Module

Bingo is a fun and popular activity for many, but it can be overwhelming for someone with dementia or Alzheimer's. These are simplified bingo programs that are designed to be used in small groups of two to six residents. The cards use a three by three grid helping the game move quickly and easily. These are great small group programs for people with dementia or Alzheimer's who love bingo but are no longer able to participate and enjoy the standard bingo game.

  • Simplified 3 x 3 bingo cards
  • Facilitates independence and success
  • Lots of variety with number, word and two different picture bingos
  • Fun, easy to set up small group activity
  • Includes "Implementation Guide"
Animal Picture Bingo

This simple but fun bingo uses pictures of common (and some uncommon) animals for a fun bingo game. It also includes a matching activity to help introduce the concepts and encourage conversation about the animals.

Expressions Bingo

"Ready, set, _ _", "Hip, hip, _ _ _ _ _ _", "Still waters run _ _ _ _ ", we've heard and used these expressions all our lives. This bingo games uses familiar expressions instead of numbers - you will be surprised by the responses it draws out from the most unexpected people.

Musical Instruments Picture Bingo

This bingo uses images of musical instruments instead of numbers. Ideal for those who love music.

Easy Number Bingo

Ideal for those dementia and Alzheimer residents who want to play a "real" bingo game. The smaller grid size on the cards, large print and using only the numbers from 1 to 29 make this a fast paced and effective bingo game.

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