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Match the Photos - Plants and Seeds

Match the plants with the seeds with the something that you might like for a snack! Match the Photos uses vibrantly coloured cards and templates to provide a fun way for people with dementia or Alzheimer's to improve cognitive abilities and help with dexterity while enjoying conversation.

These Plants and Seeds sets include photos of the plants and their seeds along with things made from them such as jack-o-lanterns, prepared mustard and a celery snack. Lots of fun things to talk about.

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The instructions describe how to use the cards and templates in a variety of progressively more difficult activities, as well as simply using the cards as a starting point for conversation and engagement. Add in some real seeds from the kitchen, fresh herbs from the garden or a taste of pickle or celery for a more sensorial activity with touch and smell. It's an easy to present activity that is a great activity for almost anyone.

Package Includes: Twelve vibrantly coloured laminated cards and six laminated full colour templates in a plastic envelope.

Suitable For: An easy to present activity that is a great activity for almost anyone with dementia or Alzheimer's.

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