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Activities for Dementia Residents

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Activities for Dementia Patients

Mostly For Facilities

While all of the activities that we offer are suitable for use both at home and in facilities, these activities are designed specifically for use with dementia and Alzheimer patients in nursing homes and care facilities.

From our small Pocket Pack activities, to the Grab & Go packages, to our selection of Small Group Programming activities, professional caregivers can find a range of activities to help them engage residents with Alzheimer's and dementia.

  • Meet a variety of abilities and interests
  • Easy to set up and present
  • Individual and small group activities to engage 2 to 6 residents
  • Varying levels of difficulty

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Being a professional in the dementia care field, you’re always on the lookout for ways to help your clients

We can help.

Our products...

Have been fully tested and are in use in long term care facilities around the world

Are appropriate for people at all stages of dementia

Are easy to present with little setup time required

Come in convenient, washable packages making it easy to have the activity available and accessible

Are designed following Montessori principles which have been proven to be highly effective

Small Group Programming

One of the best and easiest ways to engage residents on a regular basis is to introduce Small Group Programs into your monthly calendar.

These activities are easy to present in half an hour or less, with little preparation or setup. Simply walk onto the unit, ask any residents in the common area if they would like to participate and start the fun.

For more information, see our article "The Benefits of Small Group Activities" in our Learning Center.

Here are some small group programming ideas...

(click on image for details)

Expressions Bingo
Making Waves
Target Toss
ColorConnect Value Pak





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One-on-One Activities

One-on-one activities are an important therapeutic tool in any facility. We offer a full range of products that appeal to a wide range of needs, interests, skills and abilities.

Our products are easy to present and come with complete instructions making it possible for volunteers and family members to use them successfully.

From our selection of art, matching, puzzles and games you can find something to meet the needs of your residents.

Here are some popular one-on-one activities...

(click on image for details)

WaterDoodle Grab & Go
Sequenced Jigsaw Puzzles
Match the Shapes



Match the


Check out our
"Pocket Packs..."

There's only so much that one person, or even one department, can do to engage residents. It really helps if everyone is involved - front line staff, support staff, volunteers and family.

We teach this in our "Making Every Day Count" workshop, and we have developed products specifically for this purpose. They are easy to present, require little or no setup and can be done quickly in a few spare moments. And best of all, they fit in your pocket so that they're always available.

Check out our
"Pocket Packs"...

(click on image for details)

Pocket Pack - Dice
Pocket Pack - Expressions
Pocket Pack - Match the Suits
Pocket Pack - Strip Puzzles
Pocket Pack - Photo Cards



Match the


Photo Cards

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Is each activity suitable for residents at different levels of dementia?

The short answer is "yes". All of our activities are designed to be adaptable for people at different stages of dementia. The instructions describe how to use the materials and how to adjust the level of difficulty based on the person's response. Of course there are other considerations such as the person's interests and abilities that may affect the effectiveness of a given activity for a particular resident.

Do you have any "sensory" products?

When we create our products we keep the sensory aspect front and centre. Our photo products use bright images, our laminations are solid and smooth, our physical products are thick, polished and feel good to the touch. In keeping with the Montessori principles, rather than having only a sensory aspect, these same products also offer a variety of benefits such as cognitive, dexterity or reminiscing, depending on how they are presented and the skills, interests and abilities of the person.

For touch we recommend any of the activities found in the "Appealing to Touch" category. Our Match the Photos activities offer bright colours and by following the suggestions in the instructions for the Match the Photos "seed" versions you can incorporate smell and touch by using actual seeds and plants with the activity.

Are there any group activities?

Yes. In addition to the activities listed in our Small Group Programming category, many of our activities are designed to be used both individually and in small groups. We don't offer activities for large groups because all of our activities are designed to focus on the individual and that is not possible in a large group. Our activities that are best suited for small groups (typically four or fewer participants) include:

  • Match the Suits
  • Match the Dots
  • Number Rod - Full Set
  • Pink Tower and Brown Stairs
  • Sequenced Puzzles
  • All of the activities in Small Group Programming

In addition, Aquapaint is a great activity where each person in the group can work on their own "painting" with one staff member (or volunteer) assisting when necessary. Look for this

Small Group Logo

logo on products that we recommend for small group activities.

Why buy these activities instead of making our own?

There's nothing wrong with making your own activities, and we encourage you to do so.There are also reasons to buy them ready-made.

While some of our products look simple enough, a lot of experience, testing and fine-tuning has gone into each of them. There are nuances to both the activities and the suggested presentation that can make a big difference to the success and effectiveness of the activity.

We can help you be more efficient and have more time to offer therapeutic programs for residents.

Our facility has not had Montessori training - can we still use these activities?

Absolutely. All of our activities come with complete instructions describing how to present the activity effectively and help your residents get the most out of it.

If you would like to learn more about Montessori and dementia, you can find articles and information in our Learning Center.

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