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Blue Triangles

Much like a jigsaw puzzle but without the same constraints, the Blue Triangles encourage creativity while exercising cognitive ability. The set includes twelve identical flat triangles in a wooden box and is one of the classic Montessori activities.

Start by using the triangles with templates to guide the person with dementia or Alzheimer's to create specific shapes which can be as simple as a rectangle, or more complex shapes such as a wheels or stars. Once the person is familiar with the triangles and how they create different forms depending on how they are placed, they can create their own shapes. People love the challenge and then satisfaction of determining that by turning one triangle around, for example, a funny shape can be turned into a nice, neat rectangle.

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Manipulating the triangles will remind former quilters of piecing together a quilt.

Package Includes: Twelve Blue Triangles in a wooden box, two laminated sheets with a different template on each side (four templates) and complete instructions.

Additional templates can be purchased in the Add Ons section, or downloaded in the Downloadable Activities section.

Suitable For: A great activity for almost anyone with dementia or Alzheimer's.

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