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All-in-One Collection

Something for everyone, ready to go.

Specifically designed for the recreation department in a facility, this collection offers a wide variety of activities that can be used with dementia and Alzheimer's patients one-on-one or in a small group. Comes in a convenient carrying case making it easy to take it with you and select activities as appropriate. Use it as is, or add one of our supplementary collections for even more variety.

Our top of the line collection at a savings of almost 20% off the price of the individual activities.

  • Wide range of activities for cognitive, active and creative domains
  • Individual and small group activities
  • Save almost 20%
  • Add Cognitive and Creative Collections for even more variety
Collection Price $250.00 Regular Price $303.50

The All in One Collection includes a carefully selected group of activities designed to meet the needs, interests, skills and abilities of a wide range of participants with dementia or Alzheimer's in an easy to carry package. The Collection includes several activities from each of the cognitive, creative and active domains, as indicated in the list of activities. With this Collection, you can walk into the lounge area and quickly engage residents in meaningful programming that is suitable for the resident and time of day. From word puzzles, to engaging activities such as Match the Dots and Match the Shapes to the Sequenced Jigsaw Puzzle, you can find something to meet the needs of almost any resident. There is minimal setup for each activity so that you can maximize your time actively engaging the clients in meaningful programming.

The Collection includes all materials and complete instructions for presenting each activity effectively and quickly, along with our "Keys to Presenting" guide to help make the program more engaging. Also included is our "Programming Guide" which includes programming sheets detailing goals, benefits, tips and tricks and more for each of the activities.

The All-in-One Collection includes our core group of activities in each domain. For even more choice, add our Cognitive or Creative Collections.

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