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Add 'Em Up Dice Game

It seems simple, but in addition to the dexterity required to roll and handle the dice and cards, this fun and challenging game for people with dementia or Alzheimer's requires both math and reasoning skills. Each player rolls a pair of dice, then uses the numbers shown either individually or by adding them together to decide which of the numbered cards to turn over. To make it a little easier, the game can be played with one die and the numbers one through six only.

No longer available - replaced by "Fun with Dice"

  • Cognitive challenge
  • Helps with dexterity
  • Familiar
  • Triggers pleasant memories
  • Full instructions
In stock

It can also be played with one die and the numbers 1 through 6.

Suitable For:

This is a great activity for people at earlier stages of dementia or Alzheimer's who have the dexterity to handle the dice. It can be played individually or in groups.

Package Includes:
  • Package of 5 dice
  • Laminated scoring numbers 1 through 12
  • Laminated scoring sheet
  • Full instructions

This product is proudly assembled and packaged by the people of The Ark, a community organization dedicated to providing services for persons with special challenges.

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