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Welcome to Keeping Busy

About Keeping Busy

I'm Donna Ray and I founded Keeping Busy for one purpose and one purpose only - to help find ways to enable people with dementia to live fuller and more meaningful lives.

We are a small company dedicated to providing products that can make a difference to people with dementia. We don’t just sell products for people with dementia,

We design, create and use them.

All of our products are designed specifically for people with dementia and:

  • use familiar materials
  • offer cueing and other assistive techniques to enable success
  • are “error-free” with no right or wrong answer, no winners or losers.

Studies show that by engaging people with dementia in meaningful activity, boredom is reduced, and quality of life improves. Our products are designed to help you do just that. They are in use in thousands of homes and care facilities across North America and beyond. We stand behind everything that we sell and are always here to answer your questions and offer any assistance necessary. In fact, there is nothing we like better than to talk to people about dementia care.

Montessori activities

A message from Donna...

Through my years of working with people with dementia I have seen many different approaches to their care, some more successful than others. The biggest stumbling block that I encountered in implementing the most successful of these techniques was the lack of availability of appropriate activities and tools. While many can be put together from readily available items, we don't always have the time or resources to do it. Sometimes it is easier, and the results better, to purchase them professionally made.

Donna Ray

The products that we offer have been designed specifically for people with dementia. They are free of unnecessary markings to avoid distraction, they are adult activities and not childish. Each activity comes with comprehensive instructions detailing how to introduce the activity, and how to adjust its use to match the person's abilities as they change over time. We're here to help answer your questions and help you get the best results from our products.

For those interested in learning more about dementia, how to choose and present activities and more, please read the articles in our Learning Center. Donna

This product has been thoughtfully designed and built and is a wonderful tool to keep Alzheimer's patients cognitively active.

Exactly what I was expecting. Good quality. Would buy again.

Highly recommend! Bought for my Dad who has dementia. This gets him thinking and he feels a sense of accomplishment upon completion.