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Sequenced Jigsaw Puzzle - Life in the Prairie - Out of Stock

The prairie animals range from tiny grasshoppers to coyotes to speedy antelopes and the huge bison. A fun puzzle with lots animals roaming the land.

Using our unique sequencing guidance, even people with dementia or Alzheimer's who find puzzles too challenging can usually complete these puzzles successfully. Use the laminated discussion guide to help you lead a fun and interesting discussion once the puzzle is complete.

Suitable for Small Groups

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The puzzle is a brightly coloured 35 piece tray puzzle with pieces large and thick enough to be easy to handle but not so large that they don't look like jigsaw pieces. The pieces fit together in a tray that has a grey image of the puzzle printed on it and each piece outlined to show its placement, but the real magic is in the colour sequencing.

The puzzle pieces come pre-sorted into groups according to their placement on the puzzle – top, side, bottom, etc. Each group of pieces is presented to the person individually. By following the coloured clues on the tray and the sequence of steps in the instructions, the person is guided to successfully place the pieces without help. This is repeated for each group until the puzzle is complete. Because the person is generally able to select and place the pieces on their own, they have a great feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment (often accompanied by a big smile).

As the person becomes more proficient, more than one group can be presented at once, making the activity more challenging.

Included in the package is a laminated sheet showing the finished puzzle in full colour to use as a guide. Also included is a discussion sheet and key guide that can be used to lead a conversation about the completed puzzle. Not only are these puzzles colourful and fun to do, they are great conversation starters when selected to match the interests of the person.

Package Includes: 35 piece sequenced tray puzzle measuring 14" x 10", laminated full colour picture showing completed puzzle, laminated discussion/key guide and full instructions conveniently packaged in a zippered envelope.

Suitable For: A great activity for people with dementia or Alzheimer's who always liked jigsaw puzzles but now find standard puzzles too challenging. Also great for people with more abilities looking for a new and fun pastime.

Customer Reviews (1)

Well made and well thought outReview by Jean W
Person enjoyed activity
Easy to use
Would recommend
Bought this for my Dad, who has dementia. I was a little skeptical, and thought the color-coding and separate baggies for the pieces was a bit of overkill, but it ended up being very helpful. He was able with just a little assistance to complete the puzzle, and he enjoyed talking about the different animals. Note, he was NOT a big puzzle person before, so this is a new skill for him.

The tray it's on is nice too, since he can do it sitting in his chair in the living room, and it has a good quality plastic case to keep everything together. Only change I would make would be to have the puzzle sides perfectly straight (they are curved), so that the edges would be easier to identify. (Posted on 1/1/2016)

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