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Making Waves

Who says that Making Waves isn't a good thing? Our Making Waves small group program is a great way for three to six dementia patients to exercise their arms and upper body while having fun. Sitting in a small circle, each participant grabs a handle or two on the small, six foot parachute and start making waves. Throw a ball onto the 'chute and bounce it, roll it and keep it moving without dropping. Add more balls for more challenge and fun.

Suitable for Small Groups

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Many facilities already have a 12 foot or even 20 foot parachute for large group activities, but that is generally not suited to dementia patients. Using the Making Waves smaller 6 foot parachute, it is easier to gather three to six residents in a smaller area and have some fun in an active program without a lot of preparation.

The package includes a 6 foot parachute, 4 small balls and a 12" beach ball along with complete instructions - everything that you need for a fun and active program for people with dementia or Alzheimer's.

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