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Sequenced Crossword Puzzle - Small Group Edition

Crossword puzzles are a popular pastime for many people, but as a person with dementia or Alzheimer's abilities decline they can become frustrated and often lose interest in doing them completely. Our new Sequenced Crossword Puzzles are a great way to help the person be successful and regain the joy of completing the puzzle.

This Small Group Edition includes two complete puzzles including large, reusable grids that can be hung on the wall for the group to see.

Suitable for Small Groups

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Our unique Sequenced Crossword Puzzles use a smaller 9 x 9 grid with word length limited to 3, 4 or 5 characters, but that's just the beginning. Rather than simply providing a list of "across" and "down" clues, our Sequenced Crossword Puzzle offers several different guides and cueing devices to help the person with dementia or Alzheimer's be successful no matter what their skills and abilities. The package includes three different ways to present the clues:

  • a regular across and down list
  • a list of the clues in a suggested order that gives the person the most guidance
  • clue cards for individual words that can be used one at a time

In addition, the package includes a list of the answers sorted by word length and a list of two possible answers for each clue. These can be used to further guide the person to success. The instructions describe in detail how to use the crossword with a group of two to four participants, as well as presenting individually.

See the look of joy as the puzzle lover regains that feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment at completing the puzzle successfully.

For variety, this Small Group Package includes two complete puzzles which include:

  • a large laminated grid that can be hung on the wall for use by the group
  • a small laminated grid for individual use
  • a laminated list of clues in the standard "across" and "down" format
  • a laminated "Clue Guide" listing all clues in the suggested order of presentation, with two possible answers for each
  • a laminated "Word List" listing all answers, sorted by number of letters
  • individual laminated clue cards for each clue
  • a wet erase marker for writing the words on the grid and crossing solved clues off of the list

Packages of two additional puzzles that work with the same Sequenced Crossword grids can be purchased to add even more variety to your activity.

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