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Downloadable Resources

Keeping Busy Catalog

A catalog of our products that can be viewed online, downloaded or printed.

Download Keeping Busy Catalog

Keys to Presenting an Activity

While all of our activities come with specific instructions, this quick reference highlights some of the key concepts in presenting an activity effectively, the Montessori Way. We recommend you print it out and keep it handy.

Download Keys to Presenting an Activity

Sample Instructions

These instructions, for our Sequenced Crossword Puzzle, are a sample of the detailed instructions that come with each activity. Starting from the easiest tasks, the instructions explain how to progress, what to do with an unexpected response, and when not to move on.

Download Sample Instructions

Interests Checklist

A comprehensive checklist to identify a person's past interests and hobbies to help in identifying meaningful and effective activities for the person. See the article The Box is Ticked - Now What?

Download Interests Checklist

My Story

A booklet to be completed by someone who knows the person, identifying such things as important names and dates and significant events in the person's life. Things that allow caregivers and visitors to know the person behind the dementia, enabling them to better engage them. See the article "My Story - Knowing the Person".

Download My Story